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Comprehensive Financial Planning

Managing an investment portfolio is but one component of a comprehensive financial plan. We act and serve in the best interests of our clients and encourage our clients to implement a comprehensive financial plan, when appropriate.

  • Step 1: Establish and define the client-planner relationship
  • Step 2: Gather your financial and personal data, including your goals and needs
  • Step 3: Analyze and evaluate your financial status
  • Step 4: Develop and present financial planning recommendations and/or alternatives
  • Step 5: Implement the financial planning recommendations
  • Step 6: Monitor the financial planning recommendations

Through the financial planning process, clients are able to track their long term goals such as retirement or sending children to college. The financial planning process is beneficial in helping clients to see their investing decisions in the context of their goals. Investors too often lose sight of what their money/portfolios are for, and the financial planning process can deliver some much needed perspective that can help to drive better investment decisions.